It’s a joy to be green at Riverside’s Green Festival!

It was an absolute joy for the Ameal Moore Nature Center to attend the Riverside Green Festival and Summit on Saturday April 23.  Hosted by Riverside City College in their Quad and Garden, the Green Festival was the result of the hard work and dedication of individuals who believe in the health of our planet!  Partnering institutions included the Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District, the Western Municipal Water District, the City of Riverside’s Public Utilities Department, the Best Best & Krieger Attorneys at Law, the University of  California Riverside’s Center for Sustainable Suburban Development, and the Wood Streets Green Team.

The Ameal Moore Nature Center was in attendance and hosted a booth with the City of Riverside’s Parks, Recreation, and Community Services department, as well as the Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District to promote Citizen Science.  With us, was Peter Ibsen, a scientist studying how Southern California’s urban trees are affected by climate.  Peter, like many scientists, depends on Citizen Science to help further his findings.

Citizen Science is all about you, our fantastic visitors!  It is the partnership of citizens in non-scientific related career fields with scientists to quickly gather data on mass levels.  Riverside Citizen Science is the City of Riverside’s effort to make science a normal part of every day life and to aid the scientific community in helping us all.   Riverside Citizen Science strides to partner citizens with scientists to quickly and efficiently reach scientific goals!  With your help, a scientist can collect data quickly, leading to quicker policy development that can positively change the world!  In other words, your actions CAN make a difference!

The nature center was pleased to be in attendance at this fantastic event!

For more information on the Peter’s research and to become involved, visit HERE.


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