Second Saturdays: Grizzly Bears

This past Second Saturdays we focused on the grizzly bear!  Grizzly bears are no longer found in California, but educating ourselves about them and their cousins is still both wise and fun.

Grizzlies are found in the northern parts of North America but at one point were as far south as Mexico.  Their scientific name Ursus arctos Horribilis translates into horrible bear bear (this is said to be for their character and personality).  Though their name suggests a scary animal, grizzlies are excellent for the environment.  Grizzlies help with seed distribution, soil improvement, population regulation, and even help feed the birds!

Visitors were invited to make a craft and to learn about grizzly habitat, diet, and just were they all went.   If you missed our fun bear day, don’t worry!  There’s always something fun coming up at the nature center!  Visit our EVENTS page for upcoming programs.

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