Second Saturdays: Monarch Butterflies

This past Second Saturdays event was all about the Monarch butterfly!  Did you know that the Monarchs need your help?  Monarch butterflies will only lay their eggs on a milkweed plant.  Milkweed and nectar plants that Monarchs need are declining because of human activity (such as development and pesticides).  But without milkweed plants, there wouldn’t be any more Monarchs!  To help, the Ameal Moore Nature Center was handing out information and milkweed seeds to visitors.

Visitors spent the afternoon doing fun Monarch life cycle crafts, hearing information, and seeing live Monarchs that the center later released at the end of the event.  If you missed this event, don’t worry! We’ve got another one coming up June 11, 2016.  Vector Control will be with us to talk about bloodsuckers!

Are you interested in helping the Monarchs out on their quest for milkweed plants?  You can help conserve and protect Monarchs and their habitats by becoming a Monarch waystation (a place where Monarchs can lay their eggs).  All you need are the right milkweed plants and some nectar plants for the butterflies to feed on after they emerge from their cocoons.  Native and local plants are always best when planting a garden as they’re best adapted to your area’s climate.  You can visit for more information on what milkweed plants are best for your area.


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