Who Was Ameal Moore?

Mr. Ameal Moore was a Riverside City Councilman and a strong supporter of green spaces.  In honor of his service, the City of Riverside named the nature center in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park after Mr. Moore in June 2014.



Mr. Ameal Moore

Raised in the country under Mississippi skies, Ameal Moore would go on to live a life that was forever enriched by nature and the great outdoors. Conversations centered around the natural wonders he’d seen during his many travels are fondly remembered by his surviving family and friends.  From coastal drives from Riverside to the Redwoods of Northern California, to summer visits to family down south that included national forests and rest stops (through Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and on to Mississippi), Mr. Moore enjoyed traveling across our country. As he notes in his memoir, “Climbing Up the Downstair Escalator”:

“I grew up in the country and I can remember spending hours lying under a shade tree looking up into the sky watching the clouds take on different shapes.  I would imagine seeing the faces of animals, humans, states, continents, etc.  You name it and I have imagined seeing it among the clouds in the sky.  I believe you have to imagine yourself where you want to be before you can achieve it.”