Second Saturdays: ‘Earth Day lite’

April’s Second Saturdays event was full of special guests and fun!  In honor of Earth Day, the Ameal Moore Nature Center hosted our own small Earth Day festival.  Guests included UCR grad students and STEM Academy students.  Outside, visitors were invited to converse with our guests and learn more about how ocean pollution effects animals and the various methods we can use to clean up oil spills!

Think of the planet as a house- a really BIG house!  As a homeowner, you want to take care of your property.  While big changes are important (maybe your home needs a new roof), it’s the small changes that help maintain your home to keep it looking nice.  Each of us can make small changes to ensure that the Earth is a nice place to live in the future!  A simple change that you can make is to switch from disposable to reusable.  By using reusable products such as cloth bags and travel mugs, you’re helping to ensure that we have a nice planet.  With this in mind, the nature center provided free canvas bags for visitors to decorate and take home to help cut down on the number of plastic bags they use.

Did you miss this event?  Don’t worry!  Next month we’ll have another Second Saturdays event- make sure to check our events page so that you don’t miss out on the fun!

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