The Canyon After Dark: Insect Rave!

Have you ever held a native beetle or heard the chirp of a velvet ant?  We did last night at our first summer evening event, the Insect Rave!

Visitors partied to techno music, adorned themselves with glow sticks, and partied it up with the bugs!  Inside visitors were invited to make a splatter paint poster while outside visitors went up the hill to see what the graduate students from the UCR Entomology Department were attracting with their lights.

If you missed it, don’t worry!  There’s another Canyon After Dark event next month!  The Canyon After Dark is our summer event series that stretches from June to August on each 4th Friday of those months.  From 8-10pm visitors are invited to join us for a fun activity that’s free and family friendly.  The next event is July 28th from 8-10pm.  We’ll be welcoming back the Riverside Astronomical Society and their telescopes!  Join us that evening for a night under the stars!


2 Comments on “The Canyon After Dark: Insect Rave!

  1. Wish I knew about this!! I’m a local entomology enthusiast!! My 9 year old son and husband would have loved it too. Any chance of doing this again in the future??

    • Hi Jennifer,
      The Insect Rave is one of our more popular events! We do this every summer and will have UCR out with us again next summer for the same event. We’re glad you love insects as much as we do! Check out the Riverside City Insect Fair this spring for another fun insect event- it’s much larger than our rave!

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