Second Saturdays: The Watershed

This Second Saturdays event we focused on a topic that is relevant to you and us at the Ameal Moore Nature Center- even if you didn’t know it existed!  We all live somewhere- many of the visitors and staff members at the Ameal Moore Nature Center live in Riverside, California and the surrounding cities.  But Riverside is more than just a part of a county or the Inland Empire; Riverside is also a part of the Santa Ana Watershed!

A watershed is a piece of land that water can flow off of and collect into bodies of water. When it rains where you live the water drains out into a body of water (streams, rivers, lakes, the ocean, etc.).  This means that watersheds are more than just a geographic area, they’re also home.  The body of water that the watershed drains into is what the watershed is named after.  For example, any area of land where the water flows out into the Santa Ana River is part of the Santa Ana Watershed.  The Santa Ana Watershed stretches all the way from Huntington Beach to Big Bear!

For our event, visitors watched a live watershed model demo of how water flows, did a water cycle craft, and got to place themselves on our watershed map!  If you missed this event, don’t worry!  We’ve got tons of events coming up!  Visit our EVENTS page to stay up to date on programs as they’re scheduled.

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