Snakes: Mystery and Intrigue

The Ameal Moore Nature Center staff and visitors were in for a real treat!  Dr. William K. Hayes with Loma Linda University joined us on a special event day to talk about snakes!  Dr. Hayes works with snakes at the university and brought a few of them with him for a special talk and show and tell!

Snakes are creatures that many people are afraid of.  Many of our visitors have misconceptions and misinformation about snakes, believing them to be slimy, scary, and even blood thirsty.  In reality, snakes are not slimy, scary, or thirsty for human blood at all!  It’s important to remember that they do have teeth and can be dangerous if provoked but that they are also an important part of our environment.  Without them, the balance of our area would be thrown off!  Dr. Hayes and many other educators and scientists like him work very hard to help people understand how to live in peace and have fun with snakes while still being safe.  The nature center encourages education about our cold blooded friends and is always pleased when fears are alleviated, but would like to remind all of its visitors to please never pick up a snake in the park- they’re protected!

The nature center was thrilled to have him join us and is looking forward to future events!

If you missed this fun and informative event, don’t worry!  We’re gearing up for the new year with lots of new guest speakers and events!  You can check our events page for all upcoming programs.

The Ameal Moore Nature Center and its staff would like to say a very big thank you to Dr. Hayes for coming out and speaking with our visitors!  We had a lot of fun!

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