Keep pedaling with the nature center & Jenson USA’s help!

The Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park is a great recreational area! Joggers, hikers, pet walkers, bird watchers, cyclists, and more enjoy the park. Recently, the Ameal Moore Nature Center had the opportunity to communicate with Jenson USA, a company located by the park, that carries top quality bike brands, provides bike services, and advocates trail etiquette and goodwill between trail users. Knowing that many of their customers enjoy the park on a daily basis, Jenson USA offered to provide the center with some basic bike repair supplies.

Thanks to Jenson USA, the nature center can now provide basic help to cyclists! The center is now stocked with a bike pump, basic tools, and patch kits that cyclists in need of an emergency fix while in the park are welcome to use. If you’re a biker on our trails be sure to stop in and get to know our staff!

The nature center and staff would like to thank Jenson USA for their enthusiastic support of the nature center and our efforts to provide services to the park’s cyclists! You can visit Jenson USA online at Be sure to watch our EVENTS page for a partnered day with Jenson USA in the park!

The nature center hopes that all cyclists continue to enjoy the park. As Jenson USA would say, ‘keep pedaling!’

Jackie from Jenson USA and Kim Cobb, nature center staff

Jackie from Jenson USA and Kim Cobb, nature center staff

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