SISTERS comes to the nature center

The SISTERS (Success in Science & Technology:  Engagement with Role-models) Program is a UCR program that pairs girls with role models to encourage them to attend college and to go into a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) field of study.  CNAS (College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences) Science Ambassadors from UCR undergraduate programs in STEM majors act as mentors who meet with the girls monthly.  Each month different themes are discussed including, self-confidence, overcoming barriers, bullying, and STEM majors.  The Ameal Moore Nature Center was fortunate to be one of the locations that the program visited.

On Thursday, April 23, 38 girls and their mentors arrived to take a hike through the park, aiding the Citizen Science Program in its species counts with a bioblitz before coming inside the center to hear scientist, Dr. Helen Regan, speak on California habitat, endangered species, and what her job entails.

The center was thrilled to have the girls in attendance and looks forward to doing more events in the future.  All forms of education are important and the center supports and applauds UCR’s efforts to encourage students to reach for their goals.

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