Science Chats: You Collect WHAT?

This past Science Chats we invited UC Riverside Entomologist Ian Wright to speak with us about the importance of long-term natural history collections.

Natural history collections can be anything from an organism in a jar to pinned insects. Collections like the ones housed at UC Riverside’s Entomology Department are not only beautiful and fascinating to look at- they’re actually information gold mines!  Scientists can pull specimens for testing and examination to further our understanding of biodiversity, the genetics of a specific species, environmental impacts of an area, and more!  Ian has used long-term collections to aid state governments in land use policies that ensure the continued existence of a species.  Who knew a old specimen was so important?  That’s one useful jar of critters!

Ian brought some pinned insect collections for visitors to see as well as a few live critters!   In case you missed him but had questions, Ian will be joining us at the 3rd Annual Riverside Insect Fair with others from the UC Riverside Entomology Department on Saturday, April 29th from 10am-4pm in downtown Riverside on Mission Inn Ave between Orange and Lime Street.

For dates on future Science Chats as they become available, visit our events page!


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