Science Chats: Zika! Everything you wanted to know (but were too afraid to ask).

This past Friday we hosted our first Science Chat guest of the year, Bill Van Dyke, the Public Information and Technology Officer from the Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District.  Bill and other district employees dedicate their energies to educating the public, targeting mosquito breeding grounds, and researching better ways to control mosquito carried diseases.

Did you know that mosquitoes can still breed in the winter?  We didn’t!  Last night we learned that mosquitoes only need a little bit of water to thrive, and places like flower pot overflow plates, watering cans, kiddy pools, and other water collection areas can harbor them. If you have even a small amount of standing water (as small as a bottle cap), it’s always a good idea to tip it over!  Mosquito larvae need calm, still waters to grow in, so be aware of any pooling water on your property like:

  • flower pot over flow plates
  • watering cans
  • forgotten pet dishes
  • swimming pools
  • spare tires
  • trashcans

Mosquito carried viruses can be scary to think about, but Bill and the other district employees are dedicated to helping!  For questions, concerns, or outreach, visit either their Facebook or their website.

Science Chats are engaging , free, show-and-tell evening lectures for adult* visitors designed to answer questions and inform about topics relevant to Riverside life.
*Topics are unsuitable for small children and there will be no children’s activities provided. Topics suitable for ages 16+. Please leave the little ones at home for this one!

Science Chats happen on select Friday evenings.  Be on the look out for more topics and speakers!  Check our our events page for topics and speakers as they become available.

Our thanks to Bill and the other Northwest Mosquito and Vector Control District employees for their hard work and dedication!

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