Second Saturdays: Nature’s Misfits

Are you a misfit?  As we grow up, we don’t always feel like we fit in, and that can be difficult.  But being different isn’t a bad thing- it’s actually pretty great!  We’re all different and unique in our own ways.  That’s part of what makes life so interesting and diverse.  But in nature, being different can be a bad thing if an organism can’t adapt to its environment.  But sometimes, being different is a very, very good thing!

This Second Saturdays event we talked about some of Nature’s misfits (organisms that don’t quite fit in, but do pretty well anyway).  Here in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park, you can find several animals that have unique adaptations that help them survive and thrive!  Visitors came in and learned about the Rosy boa (a snake that gives live birth), the Burrowing owl (an owl that’s active during the day and lives in a burrow in the ground), and moss (a plant without roots or flowers), and got to create a homemade terrarium to take home.

If you missed this event but are interested in our other events, please see our schedule.  Our next upcoming event is the 2nd of our FREE summer evening events of the year, The Canyon After Dark: The Insect Rave.  Come out July 22nd from 8-10pm for music, activities, and UCR Entomology’s insect attracting light!

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