Walking with the Mayor

Saturday January 9 was a busy day at the nature center!  Not only was it our regularly scheduled Second Saturdays program day, but it was also a walk with the Mayor!  Health is very important to our daily well being. Walking is an easy and enjoyable way to get in shape- especially when it’s through our beautiful Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park! All citizens were invited to attend.  Mayor Rusty Bailey came out to the park in the brisk winter morning to start things off right with some stretching.  A nature center staff member and naturalist was present for the walk and accompanied the group to answer any questions and to provide information while on the trails.

After their return, many visitors stopped into the center for a look around and break.  The Mayor even stayed for a while to color with a young visitor!  The Ameal Moore Nature Center was happy to host this event and looks forward to more events like this one in the future.  For more information on upcoming events, check out our events page HERE.

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