Learning about Bacteria at the Nature Center

The Ameal Moore Nature Center hosted UCR graduate student Alicia Taylor this past weekend as a bacteria ambassador! At UCR, Alicia studies bacteria in complex environmental samples to determine how bacteria impact degradation of waste (think wastewater and sewage treatment!).

You may be asking, “Why are bacteria important?” Many of us think of bacteria as being bad, or gross.  But bacteria is extremely important and should have a better reputation! In the environment, bacteria help recycle nutrients and can even degrade oil from oil spills. For humans, bacteria help with the manufacturing of antibiotics and also produce yogurt and cheese!

Alicia teaches families that bacteria live everywhere by swabbing various samples (dirt, plants, etc.) at the Ameal Moore Nature Center.  After swabbing, families take home their own Petri plates with their samples and can see bacterial growth after about 24 hours.

Check out the events page HERE for future events with Alicia at the center!

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