Second Saturdays: Birds Birds Birds!

The Ameal Moore Nature Center is pleased to say that our Second Saturdays ‘Birds Birds Birds!’ day was a huge success!  The nature center saw 105 visitors come through for the event.  The program landed on Valentine’s Day and we can say with some certainty that we were in love with birds!

Every second Saturday of the month, the center picks a new topic to explore and teach our visitors about.  Birds and more specifically, birding (or bird watching) was the chosen topic for February because The Great Backyard Bird Count was occurring.  One of our goals at the nature center is to partner citizens with scientists to promote a dialogue about our natural world and to further the advances of science.  By participating in the bird count, the center and its visitors were helping scientists create a real time snap shot of bird numbers and locations.

Nature center staff registered visitors for the event and then with special guest hike guide, Dr. Norman Ellstrand, led visitors into the park to spot and record birds.  The hike recorded over 12 species and more than 50 individual birds.  They even spotted a rare Lawerence’s Goldfinch (not commonly seen in the park)!  The nature center is very grateful to Dr. Ellstrand and looks forward to working with him again in the future.

Erin Snyder, the Outreach and Volunteer Coordinator for the Riverside-Corona Research Conservation District (RCRCD) was also in attendance.  Erin brought many wonderful bird nests for visitors to view while she gave a talk about our feathered friends.  The RCRCD is one of the nature center’s partners.  We are always so grateful to have their support and knowledge to borrow from.  Visitors can find many of their pamphlets and brochures at the nature center when they come in.

‘Fill the Bill,’ an activity where visitors can try to pick up various objects with different types of tools to simulate various types of bird beaks and the corresponding food items they are used to collect, was a favorite of the day as was the bird mask craft.

This event, like all Second Saturdays events, was free, family friendly, and open to the public.  Be sure to see us next time for more information and fun!


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