The Ameal Moore Nature Center: putting the pieces together

The nature center officially opened to the public June 14, 2014.  The nature center project was envisioned to combine environmental preservation, the demonstration of activities, and educational programs that would serve diverse visitor groups in order to reconnect visitors to the land and natural resources in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness Park.  Currently, the newly opened center is approximately 1,000 square feet and houses an exhibition space and restrooms.

The process of assembling the center occurred in December 2013.  The building itself is a manufactured building that came in two pieces.  Once the pieces arrived by highway it was a matter of placing them on the foundation and connecting the pieces.  To walk into the center today you would never think that the building had at one time been split down the middle.  17 skylights of various shapes and sizes provide the building with adequate light during the summer daylight hours helping the building to be eco-friendly.

Visitors are encouraged to come into the center to see the finished product and to speak with staff.  Hands on learning and children’s crafts are available for all ages to enjoy.  The center will begin running educational programs regularly in the Fall of 2014.

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