Citizen Science Initiative (C.S.I.)

Ameal Moore Nature Center programming is currently closed – check back for future programming!


Have you heard of Citizen Science?  Citizen Science is all about you, the citizen, participating in scientific research!  Sound hard?  It can actually be as easy as counting and taking a picture with your phone!  Citizen Science partners citizens in  non science related fields with scientists around the city, country, and world!  By sending in the data that you collect, you’re helping scientists effect policy change for a brighter environmental future!

C.S.I. days are from 9-5pm every 3rd Saturday of the month.  On these days we’ll focus on a project that has local importance for Riverside.  Come in and learn how to collect and record data, upload images, and find out why your help is so valuable!  All ages are welcome!  Please come join the  nature center in our goal to bring science into our every day lives by participating in featured Citizen Science projects.

Join the movement!  Riverside needs YOU!

See our Riverside Citizen Science page for more information on Citizen Science and our Events page for featured projects and schedule.

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