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  1. Hello, Our family enjoys visiting the nature center, my daughter had a good time today at the fossil daze, but I forgot to completely fill out my survey, & I was wondering if there might be any science experiments for younger kids. My daughters love looking at the clouds, and wanted to know if there might be any activity on what makes rain clouds or shape of clouds? Experiments?

    • Hi Jennifer,

      We appreciate your comment about the survey! Feel free to come back in if you’d like to fill one out! We currently do not do science experiments, however, we are currently looking into other kinds of science and lab based programming starting this month. Saturday October 28th we’ll be doing a dissection day! This is geared toward middle school students but all ages are welcome. We will have a dissected fetal pig on site in the center that day so we ask that all visiting adults plan accordingly for their group. We love the idea of clouds and will add it to the list of topics to explore with visitors in the future!

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  3. Hi I was just wondering is you guys were gonna be doing the insect rave this year?

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